Batman Arkham: The Riddler

Reader Advisory: Comic Book Violence The Riddler. One of the mainstays of Batman's Rogue's Gallery, Edward Nigma has been one of the Bat's longest running villains. Batman Arkham: The Riddler collects some of his best stories from over the years, much in line with The Greatest Joker Stories Ever Told and The Greatest Scarecrow Stories Ever Told. For Batman historians, this is required reading to better understand the Master of Riddles, and for everyone else, this is a fun little jaunt into the mind of Batman's only enemies that prefers to humiliate him, as opposed to killing him outright. The stories span close to 70 years worth of Gotham adventures, and as such, this is a great who's who of writers and artists that have tackled this character, and there are some great stories in this collection.

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