Giant Days

College. That magical time of a young person's life where you begin to really understand yourself. When you find out what makes you tick. You develop your political beliefs, your societal beliefs, even your sexuality. You also develop friendships that will last you the rest of your life. For Susan Ptolemy, Esther De Groot, and Daisy Wooton, college is their first and best chance to break out of their sheltered existences and really discover life. Having met three weeks prior, the three are now the best of friends, and are navigating (read: blindly stumbling) through this strange, intoxicating, and baffling thing called life. From boy trouble to renting a house, blossoming sexuality to wicked revenge schemes, these three are going to tackle it all together, with humor, friendship, and the occasional wicked reality check. Began as a spinoff from Allison's prior web comic series, Scary Go Round, Giant Days is an infectiously enjoyable series that you can't help but fall in love with. Each character is easily identified with - Susan for her curmudgeonly realism, Esther for her drama fueled idealism, or Daisy for her wide-eyed naivete that makes the world so wonderfully fascinating. Allison has captured lightning in a bottle with this series (which is now in the 40s for issues), in that the stories remain fresh, while the characters refuse to fall into two dimensional caricatures of the curmudgeon, drama queen, or earnest naif. Add into this mix his deft and heartfelt understanding of interpersonal dynamics and you've got an amazingly exciting story. Giant Days has had several different artists over the series, but each one deftly keeps up with the storytelling, deftly weaving the emotional physicality of the experiences onto the page. Part of the magic of the series comes from the sheer earnestness of the characters, as evinced from the excerpt. Even if that doesn't suggest you need to start reading this series immediately, it should be pointed out that in 2016, Giant Days was nominated for two Eisners and four Harveys.

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