Gods and Thunder: A Graphic Novel

Norse mythology has come back into vogue in the past couple of years, mostly due to Marvel Comics Cinema adaptation of the Norse God Thor. Now, a chiseled Chris Hemsworth facing off against a oily Tom Hiddleston is a lot of fun, but there's a lot of liberties taken with those movies, and sometimes, you just have to set the record straight. Gods and Thunder is a collection of four of the most important myths of the Norse Gods. In Thor and Loki, the two erstwhile brothers team up with a young mortal to test the mettle of their adversaries, the Giants. Invited to a series of challenges, the three companions must try and out eat, out run, out drink, out lift, and out wrestle several giants, a cat, and an old woman. Thor vs. the Giants finds Thor and Loki having to reclaim Thor's hammer Mjolner from a thief. Loki, who would never pass up a chance to humiliate Thor concocts a brilliant scheme that not only gets Thor's hammer back, but also makes the Thunder God look rather silly in the process. The Death of Baldur explains how Frigg sought promises from everything in the world to not hurt Baldur, the most popular God. However, Frigg forgets to gain a promise from the lowly mistletoe, which Loki in turn uses to set events in motion that would banish him to a prison in the middle of the Earth until Ragnarok. Twilight of Gods details Loki's escape from his prison, and the final battle of the Gods, eventually heralding the end of the Age of Gods. Capstone is known for offering up stories that are not only entertaining, but educational as well, and this collection is no different. The artwork is engaging, and the writing is not only well researched, but entertaining and flows easily. Like all Capstone books, it includes a fairly exhaustive glossary at the back, further expanding on concepts introduced in the stories.

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