Deadly Class Vol. 1

The year is 1987. Reagan is President, Michael Jackson is on the verge of conquering the airwaves yet again with his album Bad, the Iran-Contra Affair is beginning to surface, and Marcus Lopez has just been accepted to King's Dominion High School for the Deadly Arts. Much like his other schools, Marcus suffers from bad grades, bullies, and an unrequited crush on the cute Asian girl in front of him. Unlike his other schools, his classes are brutal (literally), and most students don't have to worry about their parents killing them if they flunk a test - the test will do it for them. King's Dominion High School is unique in the fact that it is a school for the children of monsters - Gangsters, despots, hit-men, they all send their kids to King's Dominion so the kids can become the best of the next generation of depraved, heartless, cold-blooded, killers. Marcus, however, has a conscience, and a pesky moral code that's liable to get him and his friends killed if they're not careful. Throw in copious amounts of alcohol, drugs, and unfettered access to near infinite ways to kill someone with two fingers, and you have a white-knuckled, edge of your seat ride into a world of killers in training who are just trying to have a good time and make some friends. Deadly Class is one of those stories where you think you can see where everything is going, only to have the rug pulled out from under you when you're least expecting it. Remender and Craig have crafted a world that looks and feels familiar on the surface, but is a festering pool of depravity and danger underneath. The characters are deadly in their actions, yet at the same time, vulnerable and relatable. You find yourself cheering for characters who not two pages prior committed some heinous activity that would totally sour you on them if it happened in real life. Remender's pacing of action is bound to get pulses racing, while Craig's artwork drives home the frenetic pace of living on the razor's edge of the fast and loose late 80s coupled with the imminent threat of death always near by. Obviously, this title is for older audiences, due to content, graphic violence, adult themes, adult language, drug use, alcohol use, and sex.

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