Harrow County vol. 1: Countless Haints ​

Once upon a time, there was a witch who lived in Harrow County, a fictional small community in the South. This witch helped the local folks out, but when animals started dissappearing, they rose up and killed her, burying the body under a tree outside a farm house. 18 years later, Emmy, the daughter of the farmer i discovers that what she always knew about the woods around her house was true - there's haints in them woods. For those who are not familiar with Southern mythology, haints are ghosts, ghouls, spooks and spirits that hide under your bed, and lurk in abandoned houses, and cause all sorts of mischief. The folk of Harrow County aren't too happy to discover that Emmy has discovered she's got more of a connection to the land of the county than she originally thought, and in an effort to stem the coming tide of bad juju, they decide to kill the reincarnation of the witch, must to their dismay, Emmy has ideas of her own as to what she can (and will) do with her newfound powers. Bunn originally started out Harrow County as a prose only story on his website, appropriately titled "Countless Haints" (which is no longer available on his website). It was re-purposed into a monthly series that is still running today. Bunn manages to mix gothic horror with the disarming casualness of Southern storytelling to create a deeply unsettling tale of magic, mayhem, redemption, and terrible power. Emmy is a character that you really root for - an innocent young lady who has greatness thrust upon her against her will and without her consent. Saddled with a legacy that overshadows her , Emmy only wants to provide for her town in peace. Adding to this engrossing writing is Crook's watercolors that evokes at turns sinister malevolence, or innocent whimsy. As obvious from the sample above, Crook is no stranger to the bizarre or unsettling, and his attention to detail is stunning. While it appears to be a precursor to some terrible event happening to Emmy is actually a rather sweet introduction to another fascinating character, the Skinless Boy. For obvious reasons, this is a mature title - lots of blood, quite a fair amount of gore, plus the usual adult themes that come with it. There is no issues with sexual situations, and surprisingly, the language is PG at worst. However, if you have issues with witches, supernatural entities, or even Southern Mythology, you're going to want to give this a pass.

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