I Kill Giants

Barbara Thorston. 5th grade misfit, misanthrope in the making, and utterly convinced that she owns an ancient Norse war hammer that she intends to kill giants with. Maligned and scorned at school, misunderstood and ridiculed at home, Barbara is struggling to reconcile a rich fantasy world that inhabits her perceptions of the world with the real life tragedies that threaten to drag her down into despair. Through an expanding look at Barbara's life, we see that she is genuinely struggling with something greater than herself - something devastating, something larger than life, something that threatens to crush her under its heel. Could it be the mythological giant that she spends all her time preparing for, or could it be the results of her actions that threaten her very existence? Done in a black and white pseudo-manga style, I Kill Giants is a gut wrenching tale of coping mechanisms run wild, and the steps we'll take when we feel that we have little to no control over events that affect our lives. The tale slowly spins out in an ever widening horror show of despair and concern as we watch Barbara's life inexorably collapsing in on itself. Kelly has crafted a story that casts its net impossibly wide - so wide that you can't even see it at first, but once it reels in, you realize you're trapped in its tightening web and you have no choice but to see it through to the end, as heartbreaking and traumatic as it is. Nimura marries this gripping story with an almost restrained sense of action - increasing the tension of the story to an almost schizophrenic pace until the climax of the story where Barbara faces off against the aforementioned giant, with horrific results that will alter everyone around Barbara forever. A live action adaptation of the book was released two days ago. This book has adult langauge, violence, adult situations, and is recommended for mature readers.

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