My Favorite Thing is Monsters Vol. 1

In this debut book, set against the political backdrop of the 60s, a ten year old girl by the name of Karen Reyes sets out to discover who murdered her upstairs neighbor, a holocaust survivor by the name of Anka Silverberg. Obsessed with monster movies, and on the cusp of womanhood herself, Karen's story unfolds through flashbacks to Anka, asides about her brother and mother, and her investigation that is slowly drawing together everyone she knows into a tangled web of intrigue. The story itself is engaging with enough red herrings and rabbit holes the reader gets dragged down to be deeply engrossing without detracting from the overall story, and the artwork is truly stunning. Drawn as if in a lined notebook, each page is lovingly rendered in a near realistic style using what appears to be ball point pen, and is a joy to behold, slowly perusing each page. This artwork is genuinely captivating, ranging from the near photo-realistic images above to a raw, unfinished sense of sketch that populates many pages. Karen herself is monstrous in her appearance, forcing the viewer to take her at her word that she's a monster. In one memorable moment, she is so rattled by what is happening, we see her for who she really is. In this moment, we realize that she's just an inquisitive little girl who is playing a very dangerous game that could have very real consequences - not only for her and her family, but for her entire neighborhood. I chose to put this in the mature reviews for subject matter, nudity, violence, and language. The second half of My Favorite Thing is Monsters is due out in August of 2018.

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