The Baron of Prospect Avenue

Reader Advisory: Adult Themes, Adult Language, Adult Situations, Violence, Graphic Situations John Backderf, or Derf, as he's more properly known, continues the adventures of his erstwhile character, Otto (previously seen in Derf's book, Punk Rock and Trailer Parks). In the aftermath of graduation, Otto left town to seek a future filled with glory and sexual conquests, only to end up in Cleveland. Now living on the top floor of an old arcade (shopping center), and working as a clerk in a used bookstore, Otto's experiences just become even more outlandish and bizarre than before. From bouncing for the Ramones to chasing down shoplifting necromancers, The self-proclaimed "Baron of Prospect Avenue" is just as ballsy, endearing, and downright entertaining as ever. Derf's previous works are disquieting, challenging, and eye-opening, and this project is no different. The characters are larger than life, very individualistic (there's little chance of mixing up characters in this series), and just as raw and real as folks in Cleveland must have been back in the early 80s. Much like his stories, Derf's characters are just as disquieting. Larger than life, his characters stop short of leaping off the page and throttling the reader with their personalities. To be completely honest, Derf's artwork is something that tends to grow on you, slowly worming its way into your brain, until you find his style enjoyable; or it strangles you in your sleep. Either way, it's a memorable experience. The Baron of Prospect Ave. is highly recommended for Mature Audiences.

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