The Filth

Reader Advisory: Adult themes, Adult Situations, Nudity, Violence, Graphic Images The Filth is a limited series that I was super excited for when it originally came out, but thanks to a limited budget, and dodgy comic sources at the time, I was never able to finish the series collection. After doing some research, I was able to find the entire story, and began reading. I honestly think it was a good thing I never finished the collection. The Filth centers around the odd bachelor Greg Feely, who spends his personal time taking care of his cat, and binge watching pornography. It turns out that Feely is actually Ned Slade, a highly regarded agent of 'The Hand', a shadowy organization tasked with eliminating variants that prove to be unhealthy, be they biological,sexual, or technological. Slade/Feely has to deal with "taking out the trash" as it were, while trying to figure out who he really is/wants to be. This is another yarn by the absolutely amazing Morrison, who has done some truly incredible work on Batman, Superman, and The Invisibles, so I was figuring this would be yet another crazy, thought provoking tale. All I managed to find was a hot mess of violence, sex, and unhinged plotting that tries really hard to connect to everything and nothing at the same time. That's not to say that it's all bad. The teamwork of Weston and Erskine is absolutely top notch, even if it's totally gut churning at times. While the script may be manically chaotic and immersed in the concept of its title, these two artists gamely play along, trying (and often succeeding) to match the story. While I can handle just about anything in graphic novels, this was just a little too far out in left field for me to finish. If wild, mind-melting images, outrageous sex acts, and a severely schizophrenic plot are your thing, then definitely check this out.

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