The Wonderful World of Tank Girl: Tank Girl Strikes Again

Thirty years ago, Jamie Hewlett and Alan Martin unleashed the original Australian manic pixie girl with a tank, Tank Girl, on an unsuspecting world. Safe to say, they never looked back from the carnage and mayhem wrought by Tank Girl, her friends Jet Girl and Sub Girl, her terminally stupid boyfriend/punching bag, the human/kangaroo hybrid Booga. Tank Girl's been through a lot in her thirty years, from fighting off the evil forces of Water & Power, to recreating Homer's The Odyssey to being the mother of the harbinger of the Apocalypse. Tank Girl is that chick - drinks too much, smokes too much, zero respect for any authority (including her own), fights, farts, and fucks with aplomb, and brings a devastating wit and energy to everything she does. In this latest outing, Tank, Jet, Sub and Booga strike out for their biggest heist ever, but in the process, Tank Girl crosses paths with a kid from her past that is looking to even the score with our gun-toting gal. Martin is joyously in his element of cute psychotic ladies going to absurd lengths for a bit of fun, and Parson captures the essence of Hewlett's original artwork, while giving it a slightly skewed, alluring, 80s Saturday morning cartoon feel. In jokes abound through out the issue, and while this is new work, it's a loving call back to the early days of the character. Suffice it to say, Tank Girl has never been, nor will it ever be, appropriate for younger audiences. Hilarious, raunchy, bloody, obnoxious, and socially reprehensible, The Wonderful World of Tank Girl is the latest entry in an ever growing collection of sheer, unbridled fun. Well worth the ensuing emotional trauma that you'll suffer from laughing at the potty humor, this is a great read.

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