Mr. Wolf's Class

First days of class can always be traumatic, and they can be even doubly so if it's your first day of class, ever. Mr. Wolf's Class takes a look at the titular character's first day of teaching 4th grade, along with a bunch of new students new to the school. The book also follows several students - Margot, a transplant to town, who's looking to make some new friends; Sampson, the class scientist, who brings something really wild to show and tell; Aziza, who can do all of her math problems in her head, but doesn't understand why she has to show her work; and Penny, a very tired girl who throws the entire school into a tizzy because her baby brother keeps her up all night. Will everything go o.k. on the first day of school? Will the rats that infest the school cause too much mischief? Will Mr. Wolf survive? Steinke draws upon a history of teaching elementary school in this enjoyable tale about a day in the life of a 4th grade class. The characters are all believable, and young readers will have no problem in identifying with the characters in this story. The illustrations are fun without being overwhelming, and the story has just enough tension to keep younger readers wondering what's going to happen, but not so much as to cause anxiety. The pace of the story flows nicely and really drives home concepts of inclusion and diversity without drawing undue attention to such concepts. Overall, this is a great book for elementary school readers, as well as a nice, solid introduction to graphic novels as a whole, allowing readers to see that comics aren't just superheroes and alien robots. ​ Mr. Wolf's Class will be released 26 June, 2018

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