Musnet Vol. 2 Impressions of the Master

The French always seem to come up with the most fascinating stories, and this one is no different. Blending history with fiction in a way that is readily and easily accessible is always a good tactic to draw in readers, and Musnet is not different. The plucky little mouse is easy to identify with, and an engaging character. The artwork is easy to understand, and the combination of ink and watercolor allows for a feeling of familiarity and intimacy. The story is nuanced without becoming obtuse or condescending, and works well across societal differences. While not well known here in the US, Musnet has gained national acclaim in a short period of time. This partucular vol. was nominated for the Prix Angoulême, Youth Category (The Prix Angoulême is the third largest comic con in the world) last year (2017), and it's not hard to see why. This is a fun series that is readily engaging as well as providing a spark of interest in Impressionism. That being said, you really need to start with the first book in the series, otherwise, getting up to speed on all the characters and dynamics can prove to be a bit too challenging.

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