Over the Wall

In a far off land, there exists a huge metropolis. Humans are banned from entering this metropolis, but every year, the local boys breach the barrier to prove their manhood. The metropolis is empty, except for "demons", strange dragon-like creatures that call the metropolis home. One night, Anya, a young girl breaches that wall, searching for her brother. She knows she has a brother, even if she can no longer remember him, and she's dead-set on bringing him back from the forbidden city. Once inside, she meets a demon who is just as interested in her as she is in it. The two of them start an odd relationship that will ultimately reveal secrets long buried about both races, reveal truths better left alone, and possibly reverse the amnesia of an entire civilization. A stand alone story for Wartman's larger webcomic Stonebreaker, this sets the groundwork for Anya and Toris's relationship in the forbidden city. While the web version of Over the Wall is in black and white, the print edition uses a purple palate instead of black, lending it a feeling of magic or old fantasy. The artwork in Over the Wall is gorgeous, at times utilitarian, other times sumptuous and detailed. Anya is a strong, believable protagonist, and Toris serves as a good foil for her. The story itself is rather simplistic, but that does not mean that it's simple by any measure. I have yet to read Stonebreaker, but it's on my list of books to read in the near future. The nice thing about this is that the entire series is online at http://www.shipwreckplanet.com ​ This is another book that I cannot recommend enough, with a wide appeal for readers of all stripes.

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