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I originally meant to post this on Mother's Day, because I thought it was relevant to the day, but I got sidetracked, and forgot (like most guys on mother's day. I think it's an inherent failing on most guys part). She Changed Comics is not exactly a graphic novel per se, but it is a vitally important addition to the support materials in the study of graphic novels. She Changed Comics offers up biographies of women in comics, starting in the late 1800s and going all the way up to today, the book discusses each woman, their contributions, and what helped motivate their work. It also explains the situations of women imprisoned and threatened for making comics and examines the work of women whose work is actively being banned here in the United States. Extremely insightful and educational, as well as inspiring, She Changed Comics is one of the books I have been most possessive of since I received it. (On a side note, I originally got this through the Kickstarter, and I carried with me everywhere. Around Christmas 2016, I left my copy in my truck, which was stolen. Fortunately, a family member was kind enough to get me a new copy @ ALA, so I was happy again.) I genuinely think that this book needs to be used in educational settings to not only educate, but inspire future artists and authors. This needs to be required reading for any literature group.

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