The Bus (2nd Edition)

   Originally published in the seminal magazine Heavy Metal between 1978 and 1985, Paul Kirchner's surrealistic and, at times, absurdist series focuses on the enduring relationship between a local transit bus and its rider - a balding, bespectacled, long suffering unnamed every man.  At times absurd, other times strange, sometimes just damn weird, The Bus is a meditation on the relationship between transportation and transportee, the ubiquity of public transit, and the preponderance of the mind to wander when you're sitting on a bus, traveling between locations.    Paul Kirchner's wacky and weird stories are surreal, thought provoking, and hilarious. The sample above begs the question "just how evolved are we exactly?" Reading through these stories, you start to question why things are the way they are. Not one to shy away from parody, the bus tackles such subjects as 50s movie PSAs about the dangers of running with a bad crowd, or King Kong (My personal favorite - a copy of which I have hanging up at work).    There is nothing inherently offensive about this book, but some humor may be lost on people. Still, this is one of those books you want to leave on a coffee table, just to watch people's reactions.    Unfortunately, this is kind of a difficult title to get a hold of, but it is well worth the leg work to obtain. Kirchner's illustrations are the kind that you really want to blow up, frame, and hang on your wall.

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