The Campbells vol. 1

For Campbell, piracy is not just a means of financial gain, it's a way of life. However, after the murder of Campbell's wife, he chose to hang up his pirate ways to raise his two daughters and live out his life away from the limelight and excitement of piracy. However, the past never truly stays in the past, and Campbell has made some enemies that will not stop until he has been buried. Powerful, ruthless enemies that know him intimately - they know his weaknesses, and exactly how to get their revenge on him. The only thing they don't know is where he and his daughters reside. After a run-in with a former ship-mate, events are set in motion that will drag Campbell back out of retirement, put everyone he knows and loves in danger, reveal his sordid past, and tell a rip snortin' adventure of epic proportions. A series from Spain that has been translated for English audiences, The Campbells is a great family friendly series that has sympathetic characters, a gripping story, and humor to spare. Munuera's art is heavily influenced by the great Belgian artist Peyo (Smurfs), and it allows for a lot of incidental activity that draws the eye all over the panel in addition to the story itself. The humor in this series flows well (Munuera uses more universal themes that work through translation), as suggested above, and the tension generated through the series creates an overwhelming desire to continue reading in a desperate desire to find out if Campbell survives. Subplots are engaging and just as entertaining as the main story, and incidental characters feel fleshed out and more than just drawings on the page. ​ It should be pointed out that The Campbells is a Spanish title, and they have different takes on what is family friendly. There is a fair amount of violence (they're priates after all), and some slightly salacious scenes with women who may be scantily clad. Those concerns aside, this is a great series that just about anyone can genuinely enjoy. ​ The Campbells is a digital only release in English. If you would like to purchase a physical copy in traditional Spanish, you can order copies online.

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