The Middle Age

"Sir Quimp lost his sword, his job, and his love and is on a quest to win them back." - teaser from website Follow the adventures of Sir Quimp and his new sword Maledicta, the Blade of Woe as Quimp attempts to regain his job, his love, and his standing in the court. Marvel at the nobility of Quimp! Wonder at the malevolence of Maledicta! Goggle at the silliness that surrounds them! Meet the Lord of all Ducks! No, seriously. He's really the Lord of all Ducks. Nothing foul about that. *crickets* The Middle Age is a family friendly comic that gently pokes fun at traditional fantasy tropes, but still strives to tell a fascinating and fun tale about a disparate group of adventures that band together to complete an epic quest. Steve's artwork is beautifully rendered, while his storytelling is loose enough that you can wait an entire week for the next page to come out. a little saucy at times, any possibly objectionable jokes are subtle enough that most kids won't get them, but older audiences will get a good chuckle. This is a great series, and a nice follow up to his last series, Bloop the Space Monkey. As an added bonus, with the first book coming out, Steve has been kind enough to collect it into a digital version available for download (This is a limited time offer, and may have already expired. Check his website for more details) for free! Don't just take my word that this is a great web comic, listen to the Eisner Awards committee, they've nominated it for a 2017 Eisner for Best Web Comic!

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