14 April 2019

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Femme Magnifique
Edited by: Shelly Bond
Illustrated by: Multiple Illustrators
Published by: Black Crown; 2018
ISBN #: 978-168405320-9, $29.99

    Much like the highly touted She Changed Comics, Femme Magnifique details women through history that have made their mark on history. From Hatshepsut, the Egyptian ruler, to the polarizing former first lady and one time presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, various artists and writers give a brief rundown of a certain woman's accomplishments, and what they're most famous for. Originally a Kickstarter project, this was picked up by Black Crown (an imprint of IDW Publishing), and released under the radar. This is another book that I highly recommend, because this is something that I feel is something that needs to be celebrated.

Femme Magnifique excerpt.jpg

  Following a recent trend of celebrating women, Femme Magnifique continues the forward march of educating the reader as to all of these amazing women who have helped shape and define the world around us. Many of the women detailed in this I had a passing familiarity with (of course, some more than others), and each story is deeply personal to the person(s) who chose to write about their particular subject.

  Each subject has been researched, and the artwork from each biography is absolutely top notch, fitting the personality, or perceived personality, of the woman in question. However, my only complaint that I have (and this extends to other biography collections of women as well), is that it feels like we're just skimming the surface of these different lives. I would love to see more. More women, more depth, just more of everything. I would absolutely be giddy with delight to see full graphic novels devoted to just one subject. I reviewed a Margret Sanger title last year that I thoroughly enjoyed, and a Shirley Jackson biography would be amazing.

  In spite of my (very) minor grumble, this is a great book. Whenever I come across one of these types of books, they immediately go to the top of my 'to read' pile, and they inevitably become part of the "Titles I Will Always Recommend", because they're that important.

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