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New Reviews up!

Women feature heavily in this roundup of reviews this time. First, Femme Magnifique: 50 Magnificent Women Who Changed the World, and The Sandman Presents: Thessaly: Witch for Hire.

10 Feb 2019

New Reviews are up!


Finally got new reviews up! This time around, I cover Giant Days, the comedic tales of three friends who meet in college, and their adventures through school. I also cover The Boys, a grimdark take on who keeps an eye on superheroes untethered by responsibility or (in many cases) common sense.

I've also added a files page, which will eventually have links to downloadable presentations I've done in the past. I have video, but I haven't figured out how to compress .mp4 files down to a manageable size (currently 4+GB?!), so if anyone has any ideas, please drop me a line at

01 Jan 2019

New Year and an Apology

A new year is upon us, and I wanted to offer up an apology for my radio silence over the last three months. Between the holidays, a long, arduous trek out of my own psyche, battling 30+ years of self loathing, and dealing with the fallout of a failed septic system really threw up some roadblocks that prevented regular updates.

   As we roll into 2019, I hope that there will be fewer distractions and setbacks to prevent updates. I'm also planning on putting up some of my other work I've done over the years - from presentations to papers.

  I'm still open to suggestions for reviews, and I look forward to this new year and all the reading I'll be doing.

06 Oct 2018

Sorry about the lack of updates (again!)

Once again, the real world has intruded rudely into my work here, this time, we discovered that the supposedly perfect working condition septic tank that came with the house completely failed - so we now get to deal with all that. YAY.


With that out of the way, I'm back, for the time being. It just so happens that today was also our local Comic Con here on the Western Slope, and in my personal opinion, it was a smashing success. It was twice the size of last year's con, and I was on two separate panels. The first was a joint presentation with two others about comics in the classroom, and the second was a solo panel about the history of censorship in comics. I'll try and get a copy of my part of the first presentation posted here on the website. As for the second presentation, I had it filmed, and I'll try and get that posted here as well.

 The Con itself was fantastic. Tons of awesome costumes, loads of folks I hadn't seen in far too long, and new friends. Currently, I'm working on a couple of reviews that should be done in the next day or two, and hopefully, I'll be back to a semi-regular schedule.  Adding insult to injury, My website software went wonky, preventing me from updating in a reasonable amount of time. But enough of me griping... more to come, soon!

11 Aug 2018

Sorry for the lack of updates

Big things happened over the last three months

So, I apologize for the radio silence over the last three months. A few major things happened at Mayhem Central (The home base of The Graphic Reader). For starters, through a local community group I'm part of (Geek Parties of the Grand Valley) presented Shakespeare's Macbeth, and in a fit of selflessness, I directed my very first play. At the same time, The clan and I closed on our first house (the day before our first performance!) Through the month of July, we juggled moving 18 years worth of stuff from one place to another, a blown radiator on one vehicle, a failed fuel pump on another, a plugged septic tank, work, a family reunion, unpacking,  a second failed windows update that murdered the network adapter, a rescue cat that was on the verge of death, a new puppy,  and summer camp. I promise that I didn't forget about you all, and now that things are getting back to normal, I plan on getting back to my regular schedule.

13 May 2018

New Mature Review

New Mature Review is up! Check it out

The Japanese Megahit Death Note Vol. 1 is up for review. a taut psychological thriller/detective story about a Shingami, a notebook, and a bored student who discovers he can play god.

13 May 2018

New Review

New Review is up! Check it out!

Paul Kirchner's The Bus is reviewed. Surreal, profound, funny.

05 May 2018

New Mature Review

Sunstone Vol. 1

The saucy, sexy, fun, and touching story of girl meets girl, girl falls in love with girl, life gets complicated. With bondage!

05 May 2018

New Review

The Epic of Gilgamesh

A new rendition of the classic The Epic of Gilgamesh! All the sex, violence, and epic storytelling in an easily accessible format!

22 Apr 2018

New Mature Review

A new version of an old classic

A newly remastered version of a classic manga with a brand new translation to boot! Fans new and old have reason to rejoice as Hiromu Arakawa's tale of redemption is re-released for a new generation!

22 Apr 2018

New General Audience Review

One of my favorite books of 2018 (so far!)

New General Audience Review is up! The Prince and the Dressmaker by Jen Wang. Touching, exciting, and so much fun!

15 Apr 2018

News and Updates

Site news and New Updates!

Well, due to  an oversight on my part, I forgot to post that new reviews were up last week - WitzendA Quick Guide to They/Them Pronouns. They're now in the archives for you to peruse. This week, I reviewed Mr. Fox's Classroom & Speak: The Graphic Novel.  The family and I were supposed to go to DiNK (The Denver Independent Comics and Art Convention, but thanks to goofy Colorado weather, we had to cancel those plans. Otherwise, this would have been a DiNK week.

17 Mar 2018

Site Updates

made some changes to the site

Forums are now open! They do require a login, but this is just to prevent bots and spammers from bogging stuff down. Check them out, introduce yourself, and drop some wisdom on the world.

06 Mar 2018

New Review is up!

New Review is up! go check it out!

New review is up, Over the Wall by Peter Wartman

06 Mar 2018

New Mature Review!

New mature review is up! Go check it out!

New Mature Review is up, Brooklyn dreams by J.M. DeMatteis and Glenn Barr

14 Feb 2018

News from the real world

Post ALA update

Happy Valentine's Day! (if you celebrate) So, I went to the ALA (American Libraries Association) Midwinter Conference this last weekend, and I'm finally getting a chance to process everything that was going on. From the announcement of DC Comics starting two new imprints (DC Zoom & DC Ink) for younger readers, to meeting several of my heroes (and discovering a few more!), it was a full weekend.

  I also had some technical difficulties with my computer (the power cord stayed in Denver) and I'm just now managing to get back into the swing of things. I've got a lot of books to review now, and new publishers I want to talk about over the next couple of weeks, along with some ideas for the site I want to implement.

  There's a lot of work to do, so I better get to it.

08 Feb 2018

News From the Real World

What's going on this weekend

I promised an update yesterday, and I failed to do so. Mainly because I was so busy preparing for this weekend. I'm attending the American Library Association's Annual Midwinter Conference in Denver! I just arrived in Denver tonight, and in the morning, I'm going to a breakfast hosted by DC Comics. The rest of the day will be spent visiting exhibitors, attending panels, and talking about the importance of comics and graphic novels. Hopefully, I'll get some great pictures and maybe even some stuff I can give away through the site. I'm really excited!

05 Feb 2018

New Mature Review!

A New Mature Review is up! Go check it out!

Emil Ferris' stunning debut My Favorite Thing is Monsters takes center stage this week. A gripping thriller with jaw dropping illustrations make for a must read book.

05 Feb 2018

New Review!

A New Review is Up! Go check it out!

Two-Face has long been one of the most iconic villains that Batman has faced in his 75 years of existence, and Two-Face: A Celebration of 75 Years pays homage to the comic book embodiment of Dr. Jeckell and Mr. Hyde.

04 Feb 2018

News From the Real World & Site Updates

Changes to the site and news

New reviews are going to be delayed by at least 24 hours. A big part of that was a big Sportsball Convention on American television today. the Greens vs. the Whites, with the Greens beating out the Whites at the last minute. I did manage to get some changes to the site done. I've also got some big news for this following weekend that I'll reveal Wednesday.

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